Cahal Pech Maya Temple Tour

CAHAL PECH (Half day tour) – Its English translation meaning Place of the Ticks, represents a medium-sized Maya Civilization located on the top of a hill in the charming town of San Ignacio. The site was occupied pretty much continuously between 900 B.C. and A.D. 800, from the Early Formative to Late Classic periods. Temples left of the acropolis area of the regional center include 34 Classic period structures around seven plazas, six plain stelae, an altar, and two ball courts. Recent excavations at Cahal Pech were conducted as part of Archaeology Magazine’s Online Digs, under the project called Maya Caves of West-Central Belize, led by Jaime Awe.

Caracol Maya Temple Tour

CARACOL (Full day tour) – Spanish for Snail, was one of the most important regional political centers of the Maya Lowlands during the Classic Period. Once covering an area of 200sq kilometers and having a population of an estimated 180,000 Caracol was by far one of the greatest Maya Empires. Caracol is recognized for defeating the city of Tikal in AD 562. Cana, Maya for “Sky Place” is the largest structure at Caracol and also the largest single structure in all of Belize. Tucked away in the secluded Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Caracol offers an adventure you will not soon forget. Hiking around this ancient site you will be captivated by its majestic pyramids and rich history. Throughout the site you are bound to come across exotic wildlife such as monkeys, toucans and other wild animals. In addition, after an adventurous tour of this magnificent site we will make a stop at the Rio On Pools or Big Rock Falls for an optional swim in natural cascading swimming pools. This combo makes for one of my personal favorites of all adventures in western Belize!

Horseback Riding Adventure

Discover Western Belize on Horseback! We will pick you up at your hotel for a transfer to the horse stables located approximately fifteen minutes South-West of San Ignacio Town, where we will meet your experienced guide. After a brief introduction you will mount your horse for an exciting ride that takes you through open savannas, across small subsistence farms and jungle trails. We suggest you wear long pants and closed-toe shoes for this adventure. A hat woudl be recommended as well. The tour requires about 2 hours and is available in the morning or in the afternoon.

Jungle Cave Tubing Tour

CAVE TUBING (Full day tour and can be combined with a Zip Line Tours) – Learn about the local flora and fauna throughout a 30 minute hike along the rivers’ edge as we make our way to the entrance of the cave. This natural wonder was carved out of the limestone foothills of the Maya Mountains by the river that runs through it and forms part of the largest cave system in all of Central America. Archaeological research notes that the ancient Maya visited the site to conduct important rituals. Once at the entrance we strap on our headlights and life vests and off we go. You are propelled by the gentle currents as your guide educates you about the natural formations found inside the cave. Making our way out of the first cave, the second portion becomes more exciting as the water flows faster. Kick back, relax and enjoy the ride! This is an amazing adventure and one you will always remember.

Jungle Waterfalls River Tour

Located in the Vaca Plateau Region of the Cayo District, South of San Ignacio Town the one hour drive leads you to the Maya Mountains and the Upper Macal River Valley, where secretly tucked amidst pristine jungle lays one of Belize’s most amazing natural wonders…As one of the first and only jungle river pontoon expeditions in Belize you can expect a one of a kind experience. A relaxed journey along the Upper Macal River will allow you the opportunity to see forest covered banks, waterfalls and natural swimming holes. The voyage is approximately a 6 mile journey where you will have the chance to swim and take pleasure in these breath-taking surroundings. You are bound to have an occasional encounter with rare wildlife such as the sleepy gigantic Tapir, River Otters, Monkeys, Toucans and more. Along the tour you will be awe struck by three majestic waterfalls.

Jungle Zip Lining Tour

CANOPY ZIP LINING: Zip Line technology borrows heavily from that used of rock and mountain climbing, and features a double line to provide a safe environment for the users. This tour offers the adventurous a thrilling opportunity to soar through the jungle treetops while offering a bird’s eye view of the jungle canopy. The zip line tour involves traversing from one platform to another along a steel cable suspended up to 75 feet above the forest floor. You will be given a safety briefing and outfitted with gear that includes a body harness, pulleys, helmet and gloves. Once fully geared up and checked, your guide will lead you up the starting platform and orient you on how to glide through to the following platforms. He will be your personal guide leading you along the way.

Macal River Canoeing Combo Tour

Macal River Canoeing Tour, Natural History Museum & Blue Morpho Butterfly Breeding Center MACAL RIVER CANOEING – The Macal River originates in Maya Mountains of Belize and flows through the town of San Ignacio. We begin our tour five miles upstream from San Ignacio where we visit The Natural History Centre and the Blue Morpho Butterfly Breeding Center before embarking on our journey down The Macal River. Along the way you will see huge Iguanas and many species of birds. You may even encounter a troop of Howler Monkeys along the way. The water is clean and safe for swimming so bring along your bathing suits just in case you decide to cool off along the way!

The Barton Creek Cave Canoeing Tour

BARTON CREEK CAVE CANOEING (Half day tour) – Barton Creek Cave was once an ancient Maya burial site. It is only accessible by canoe and requires minimal physical activity as you glide along gently. The drive to the cave is very scenic, passing through a few Maya Villages along the way. Formations of stalactites and stalagmites found inside are remarkable. Evidence of use by the Maya exists on ten ledges within the first kilometer of passage. Pottery shards indicate use between the Early Classic (200 to 600 AD) to the Late Classic (600 to 900 AD) periods. The remains of at least 28 humans have been found within the cave. This tour is slow paced, educational, and fun for all ages. This archaeological site is about one hour from San Ignacio and requires about four hours from beginning to end.

Tikal Maya Temple City

TIKAL – which means “place of voices” was the largest city of the Maya Classic Period with a population estimated to have been over 90,000 at its peak. Its highest structure (Temple IV) properly known as the temple of the two-headed snake measures over 210 feet. The site is set in a lush tropical rainforest with exotic creatures at every turn. From Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys to beautiful varieties of Toucans and the stunning Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala. In 1979 UNESCO declared Tikal a World Heritage site for two reasons its archaeological and ecological importance. This Tours departs from San Ignacio Town and begins with a 10 to 15 minute drive to the Western Border of Belize and Guatemala. After crossing the border we sit back and enjoy our very scenic drive to Tikal. The ride is approximately 1.5 hours. After a fun day of exploring and learning, creating unforgettable memories we will conclude our day by breaking for lunch. A freshly prepared meal will be waiting for you at one of the restaurants located within the park. After lunch we return to Belize!

Xunantunich Maya Temple OR Barton Creek Cave with Swimming at Big Rock Falls Combo

One of our most popular tour combinations. Choose one from two options: visit the majestic Maya Temple of Xunantunich OR Canoeing through the Maya Ceremonial Cave of Barton Creek and combine either option with lunch and swimming at the breathtaking Big Rock Waterfalls in the Mt. Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.