Jungle Waterfalls River Tour

Located in the Vaca Plateau Region of the Cayo District, South of San Ignacio Town the one hour drive leads you to the Maya Mountains and the Upper Macal River Valley, where secretly tucked amidst pristine jungle lays one of Belize’s most amazing natural wonders…As one of the first and only jungle river pontoon expeditions in Belize you can expect a one of a kind experience.

A relaxed journey along the Upper Macal River will allow you the opportunity to see forest covered banks, waterfalls and natural swimming holes. The voyage is approximately a 6 mile journey where you will have the chance to swim and take pleasure in these breath-taking surroundings. You are bound to have an occasional encounter with rare wildlife such as the sleepy gigantic Tapir, River Otters, Monkeys, Toucans and more. Along the tour you will be awe struck by three majestic waterfalls.


  1. San Ignacio Cayo